28 July 2013

Finding a Good Book for Your Summer Reading

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One of the great joys of summer is sitting outside in the warm sunshine with a good book in your hands. If you are looking for a good book for the summer, there are many avenues you can take to find it. One of the best ways to find a great summer book is to ask for recommendations from your friends and family. Anyone who loves to read will certainly have a book or two that they will rave about, saying that you simply (Lees door >>>)

26 May 2013

Cloud Computing and the Future of eBooks

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These days, there is simply no ignoring the prevalence of eBooks in our culture. As a result, we are beginning to see fewer and fewer paper books printed. This may be sad news for those who enjoy the traditional means of page-flipping through a novel. However, the fact remains that eBooks are cheaper to produce and are better for the environment, since they do not use paper. Not to mention, cloud computing has made it easier for users (Lees door >>>)

24 March 2013

Finding the Time to Read in a Busy World

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Even if you love to read, you may not always find the time to enjoy a good book. Most days, schedules, social life and errands get in the way of relaxing. How can you still make sure you find time to read when your days are so jam packed? Follow these tips for squeezing in a page here and a chapter there.

1. Set aside a certain time every day when you’re going to read. If (Lees door >>>)

25 June 2012

Ten Reasons You Should Use Google Books

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If you enjoy reading on a regular basis, you can enjoy reading even more by having access to free books to read by using Google Books. Google Books is a service which is ideal for anyone who has a passion for reading but does not have access to local book stores or libraries in their own areas. If you want to use Google Books, there are plenty of benefits when doing so, including the ability to access thousands of titles that are completely free to read on.

When you use Google Books, (Lees door >>>)

10 January 2012

Opening Your Bookstore

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Owning a bookstore is a time-honored profession but it’s falling along the wayside considering how many books are now available only online or on e-reader. If you’ve got your sights set on being a bookstore owner there are a few things you need to consider before going in to business:
Online or Offline: Or better yet, a combination of both? If you’re thinking about opening a bookstore you’ve got to think about having an online presence, too, where people can order over the web. Look into bank card processing as well for the store and for the website.
Vendor Relations: One key to managing a store is having great vendors so think about how you’re going to develop those relationships. Timeliness, courtesy, and bulk discounts all need to come into play when you’re ordering books.
Something Special: A local bookstore can’t compete with the big box stores on price, so think about what you’re going to offer that’s different. Is it service? Coffee shop? Out of print or rare books? You’ve got to have a selling point.

12 December 2011

Understanding the Mind-Boggling World of eBook Apps

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The world of e-books is expanding daily. For hundreds of years, book technology remained relatively unchanged. E-books and devices that allow people to read them have opened up opportunities for readers to enjoy their books in new and exciting ways. Book lovers download hundreds of books to their e-readers. It is convenient for them to have access to their entire library wherever they go. College students no longer need to carry heavy, expensive books. Many devices allow you to highlight sections, just like textbooks.

These e-Book applications allow readers to explore content in ways unique (Lees door >>>)

29 November 2011

Reading eBooks on Your Computer Instead of an eReader

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E-books come with two major advantages over paper books. The first advantage is the lower price which comes from lower cost to create copies and the second one is it uses less materials. Some books can be found for almost half the price in an e-book format as opposed to a regular paperback or hardcover book. While e-book readers can be costly, the amount of money saved in space and discounts will be worth it. There are several websites that (Lees door >>>)

27 November 2011

The Reader’s Guide to the Apple iPad

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The Apple iPad is a tablet computer that has been successfully marketed by the Apple Company. The Apple iPad first generation was first released in April, 2011 to great success with over 80 million units sold in the first month. The second generation iPad, or iPad 2 was released in March, 2011 and introduced to the world by Steve Jobs in what would be his last product release.

The iPad first generation was a great innovation that brought a new market (Lees door >>>)

19 July 2011

The Reader’s Guide to the Sony eReader

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Reading can be a hobby or a passion. Whether you’re filling in time, or can’t wait for that next new book by your favorite author to come out, reading is a way of life.

With the advent of the personal eReaders, and the significant drop in prices, readers have options that they never had before. And now that Smart Phones have readers integrated in them, the choices are even greater.

Never mind the ‘I like the feel of the pages and (Lees door >>>)

17 July 2011

The Reader’s Guide to Barnes and Noble’s Nook

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The electronic age has taken over the book department. It is more ecological and books can be downloaded onto eBooks in seconds. I own a Nook and this is the reader’s guide to Barnes and Noble’s Nook.

The Nook is the size of larger sized paperbacks. It weighs a bit more than a book with a cover added. Considering that it can hold approximately one thousand five hundred books, even the most voracious reader will be satisfied.

The back light is quite sufficient for night time (Lees door >>>)

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